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I like it a lot. I wear it everyday.
I would totally give it a five star rating if it had come sized properly for me. (With the extra links if needed). I had some difficulty in removing links.

Less pain

I’ve noticed since I’ve been wearing my bracelet that I have less aches and pains. I love it so much I’ve ordered an anklet!

Double delight

I purchased two of your bracelets similar but different and have been feeling great. They have helped with the arthritis in my hands and my overall well being. Am spreading the word as people I meet have asked where I purchased them.

I've had your Magnetic bracelet but this is the 1st time that I've had the one with all the different things in it and I am really pleased with it for some reason these kind of bracelets work great on me. I have 1 that I wear that helps my balance and it works So keep up the good work Keep making good products

Love the bracelet

I was very happy with my purchase and fast delivery.

Happy shopper.

My friends and family have remarked on how nice my bracelet is, but after telling them the price, no-one has requested your address.

Very happy with this product

I’ve noticed a definite decrease in joint pain and improved mobility since wearing this bracelet, and I love the look (it looks like a regular gold bracelet)

Love my bracelet

My beautiful magnetic bracelet has had many compliments, needless to say I’m very happy with it. I’m sleeping well, and my well being is 100%

Beautiful bracelet

Absolutely love this bracelet feels so good on, haven’t been wearing it for a long time but it does help with some of my aches and pains, it is such a nice bracelet everyone comments on it.

Nice Product

I am really enjoying the bracelet

Very happy with this style.

The main part of this bracelet appears to be made of silicon, so perhaps not for those with silicon sensitivity - however I find it fits well with my existing jewellery, being quite unobtrusive - as I chose the Nude/Rose-gold option. As for the effects of wearing this, I realise there's no scientific backing for claims of benefit from ionic and magnetic jewellery - however for me I think I feel a sense of well-being that I haven't had for years. I have even had compliments recently form people saying I look extremely 'well' - and that's how I feel. Even if the effect is purely psychological (which I don't think is the case) - it's worth it just for that feeling of heightened energy, uplifted mental state and bushy-tailed youthfulness that i have experienced. I love that I can wear this day and night - and because I felt it doing me good, I also bought a magnetic bracelet to balance out the other wrist. It's not expensive to try this out when you consider that they last a long time - so I recommend you do this for yourself.

Bracelet 201 Silver Blue - Women / Bio Magnetic Balance 4®

Bracelet 414

I love this. It looks great and I am feeling better by the day

I love my bracelet. Quality crafted. Wear it for my arthritis, and I feel its working.

So pleased

Beautiful bracelet. Quite chunky but still feminine in my opinion. It was large for my wrist but removing the links was easy with the tool supplied.
I bought this to hopefully ease pain from arthritis in my knees and it has certainly helped. I’ve also felt less weary since wearing my bracelet.




The styling is perfect. I’ve noticed a difference in sleep, and in joint soreness. I wear it twenty-four seven

Bracelet 801 silver

As per expectations n I love all the 3 that I bought! Love that it also came with the gadget to shorten it.thank u

Overall Wonderful

Being a senior you have many things starting to not work so well. This bracelet has help in so many ways. I am even able to stop one of my medications. I never thought that possible.

Handsome piece

Bought for my sons who were very skeptical. The styling is point on and my boys enjoy wearing them 24/7.

I believe it helps ease my pain

Ion Balance Titanium Bracelet - Women & Men- PI TWEN 3000


Am very happy with bracelet - wear it everyday!

Looks great on

Getting a lot of compliments on it