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Great bracelet

Bought one for me to help with tennis elbow. Helped me so much with mobility without pain, I bought matching one for my friend who had recently broken her wrist. She had the same results. Wonderful purchase, thank you.

Good for you

I am very pleased with my earrings, and when you think that they are good for you. What is to think about.

Beautiful Bracelet to wear!

Easy to wear, comfortable and beautiful bracelet!


Given as a present. She loves the bracelet. Wrong colour provided though. Got brown instead of black

I absolutely love my bracelet and have just ordered another one

New customer

Haven’t had it long enough to give evaluation

Love it

I wear my women’s bracelet every the same time I ordered one for my husband..."sadly I realized anyone with a pacemaker should not wear the husband has a pacemaker, so I need to know how to return his bracelet...thank you for your help with this issue...Linda Meyer

Game Changer!

Got this beautiful bracelet yesterday. Within an hour of putting it on pain in joints GONE! Best sleep in a long time last night as well!
Going to get one for my loved ones as I'm totally sold!


I was hopeful by skeptical. I am blown away! Besides being quality craftsmanship this bracelet appears to work!
Have had constant pain in shoulder and finger joints. Within one hour of putting the bracelet on almost completely GONE! And last night was the best sleep I've had in a LONG time!
Going to purchase for love ones as in my opinion these are a game changer!


We are all very happy with our purchases, although sizing them proved to be difficult , we did get them adjusted but my husband is an optician so he is familiar working with tiny tools etc

Great bracelet

Love this bracelet. Great color, very comfortable to wear and it helps with my pain!

So far so good

So far it’s very nice but I haven’t had it long enough to give a real review

It helps!

Inflammation seems lessened and not in as much discomfort. It’s a win. Also very pretty, the Husband noticed it and complimented how it looks!

Love the bracelet

I wear the bracelet every day. I love the look and feel of it. A plus is it comes with tool to adjust to the right size of your wrist and easy to adjust. I highly recommend.

Love them!

Absolutely love my new Bracelet.

Silver rose pendant

Very nicely made looks very pretty but just can’t say if it’s working. I do ware it every day . I will keep doing so .

Beautiful product

I ordered 2 bracelets at the same time…one men’s one women’s. I love mine and have worn it since I opened it at Christmas…sadly my husband wears a pacemaker and cannot wear his bracelet…I wrote an email last week about returning his…maybe you cn help me with this matter? Can you give me instructions to return it?
Thank you
Linda Meyer
2929 Abbotsford St
Ft. Collins, CO 80524

Bracelet 3210 Silver Gold - Women / Bio Full Magnetic Balance

Bio full magnetic bracelet

This is a very well made bracelet, the colors are very nice. I haven’t had it long enough to realize the health benefits.

My husband likes his bracelet. The titanium finish is really nice. We’ve only been wearing them for about a week now but we seem to be sleeping better already.

Haven't worn it

Thank you for sending this. Unfortunately I can't manage the mechanism for reducing the size of the bracelet and it's much too big. You kindly sent me the address of someone in the US (i'm in Canada) who can do this for me but we're on lockdown and I don't go out and haven't for months so this purchase was a mistake as I can't use it. Needless to say, some of these difficulties arise because I am elderly and not too well. Thank you for your well meaning service despite an unwearable product. Ann

Nice bracelet

I have worn this bracelet since I received it! I no longer have pain in my hands! I do still however have pain in my upper arm! Nice product!

Feeling the benefit

Very pretty I chose the one with more or less my astral colour good weight and strong wear 24/7 and I feel the benefit already