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Love your bracelets

I love the bracelet, but still a little tight. I need a couple more links, but right now not in the finances.


I love my bracelet but my obgyn don’t because I’m not on the estrogen patch anymore for hot flashes!😂

Never received order

I was very dissapointed as I got charge for 2 items however never received:(

Beautiful bracelet

The bracelet is beautiful. It was very easy to adjust the size. It is comfortable to wear. I’m not sure if it is helping with my arthritis. It may be helping me sleep better.

My bracelet

I’m Granddaughter has been wearing the bracelet I bought and loves it. She’s in high school and has had quite a few compliments on how pretty it is. She also has been a lot healthier and happier (less anxious about school etc) Thank you ❤️

Really nice

Seems to work well

Bracelet I never take offf

I already have the bracelet, I feel so much better. Less pain in both my arms and elbows. Sleep 💤 all night.


Love the bracelets I have had no hot flashes at all and I am no longer on hormone pills

Very pretty but…….

Very pretty and nice to wear BUT it knocked out my new Fitbit!

It really works!


Love, love, love it. Wear it everyday. Comfortable & eye-catching 😍

Need tools to fix links. Please 3rd time to ask. Unhappy customer

Please mail to
Teresa Baker
2608 W 113th Pl So
Jenks, Okla 74037


My wife’s loves the look & the function of this great bracelet!

Better wellness and it looks so elegant

I feel so much better then before. Less pain in my hands, legs , neck, arms. I am able to sleep without waking up all night due to pain.

Ankle Bracelet - 810 Silver - Women / Bio Magnetic Balance 4®

Two heart magnetic bracelt okay

When I received this two heart magnetic bracelet I was not happy with the too shiny metal on it. It looks gold plated and it looks fake next to my real gold bracelet. This is my fourth bracelet bought from you and I am not fond of it.

Beautiful healthy bracelet

This is my second bracelet from auryas so I definitely loved the first. Very well made fashionable jewelry.

I am happy with it so far

I was not happy about how long it took to get it. Apparently the order got lost somewhere and I had to wait for the second one so I have only had this one abu t a week.

Bracelet 730 Silver Black - Women / Bio Magnetic Balance 4®

My Gorgeous Pendant

I just love this Pendant, very unique Piece of Jewellery.
Thank You.

Love! Love!! Love it!!

I get lots of complements!! I now have bought 5!! I gave one for Mother’s Day and they LOVE it! You do feel a difference once you have worn them for a while.


It took a bit for me to sleep better, I am pleased with my purchase.

My Son Loved It

I ordered the Black Carbon Fiber 1007 Bracelet for my son. He has very bad insomnia and anxiety. We were very excited to give it a try. However, when he and my husband were trying to size it, one of the pins broke. So now we are having to find a watch shop that can repair and size it. Otherwise, it is very nice.

Love it! 🙏. Thank you.