Bio Magnetic Copper Necklace / Women - OPAL-Blue

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    • Wellness Product
    • Bio Magnetic Therapy
    • Remediates pain
    • Improves blood circulation
    • Optimizes body energy and endurance
    • Balances and harmonizes
    • Reduces tiredness
    • Reduces the physical stress
    • Relieves cramps, joint and muscle pain
    1. Magnetic Copper Necklace for Women

      Type:                    13 Neodynium Magnets
      Gauss:                  2000GS
      Material:               99.9% Copper
      Bangle Length:    22"
      Width:                    0.47"
      Weight:                 2.66oz
      Comes in a gift box (ideal gift)


      The use of magnetic bracelets is not suitable for use if equipped with a pacemaker. In addition, Magnetotherapy should not be equated with medicine and should never replace any current medical treatments. 

      If you wear a pacemaker or are undergoing a course of chemotherapy or radiotherapy, we would recommend our BIO BALANCE COLLECTION, the link is just here! ☛

    2. • Comes in a gift box (ideal gift).

      • Comes with a free small screwdriver tool.
        (Easy to adjust length by yourself)

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