Bracelet 220 Silver - Women / Bio Magnetic Balance 4®

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    • Wellness Product
    • Bio Magnetic Therapy
    • Impacts general balance
    • Speeds up cellular metabolism
    • Optimizes body energy and endurance
    • Improves immune system
    • Improves mental clarity
    • Improves concentration
    • Yields positive results for quality of sleep
    • Helps to fight: stress, fatigue and pain


  • Bio Magnetic Balance 4® - Bracelet  for Women
    Easy to adjust length by yourself 
    (comes with a free small screwdriver tool)
    Type:                   Negative Ion
                                 Far infrared
                                 Neodynium Magnets
    Gauss:                 2500GS
    Ions:                    1500 Ions
    Material:             316L Stainless Steel
    Plating:                IPG Silver Plating
                                  Highly Polished
    Length:                 8.27"
    Width:                   0.51" 
    Thickness:           0.19"
    Weight:                 1.79oz
    Comes in a gift box (ideal gift)


    The use of magnetic bracelets is not suitable for use if equipped with a pacemaker. In addition, Magnetotherapy should not be equated with medicine and should never replace any current medical treatments. 

    If you wear a pacemaker or are undergoing a course of chemotherapy or radiotherapy, we would recommend our BIO BALANCE COLLECTION, the link is just here! ☛

  • • Comes in a gift box (ideal gift).

    • Comes with a free small screwdriver tool.
      (Easy to adjust length by yourself)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Jeanette Knight
Bio magnetic bracelet

I love my two bracelets best buy ever

Pat Jorgensen
Pretty bracelet

I really like this bracelet. Sparkly and easy to wear. So far haven’t noticed if the magnets are doing anything, but I will still wear it.

Kathleen Crawford

Bracelet 220 Silver - Women / Bio Magnetic Balance 4®

mai phan

good for me


Just started wearing this bracelet, so I really can’t tell you if it works or not just yet.. I have small wrists so for me this bracelet had to be adjusted to wear.. it’s not the easiest to get the pins out of due to the links being a set of two virus’s just having to remove one link.. not all the pins come out for it to be adjusted just the first couple links on each side made it more complicated than I would of liked.. fingers crossed it works like they say