Men's & Women's watch / Pedometer fitness tracker / Germanium/ Tourmaline/2500 Ions - Blue Black

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    • Wellness Product
    • IonicTherapy
    • Impacts general balance
    • Speeds up cellular metabolism
    • Optimizes body energy and endurance
    • Improves immune system
    • Improves mental clarity
    • Improves concentration
    • Yields positive results for quality of sleep
    • Helps to fight: stress, fatigue



    • If you have to use a computer or a cell phone for a long period of time.
    • If you have to keep focused on your work for a long period of time.
    • If your job requires you to stand for a long time.
    • If you are a person who always has cold hands and feet.
    • If you have problems such as tense nerves, stiffness and shoulder and neck pains. 
    • If you have a low resistance to illnesses and catch cold easily.

    • If you have a stressful lifestyle and want to relax and regain your energy.
    • If you have an irregular lifestyle and are often sleepless.

    • Reduce muscle tension and increase flexibility.
    • Reduce fatigue and tension and thus enhance the ability to perform at optimum level.
    • Improve blood circulation

    • Alleviate discomfort and improve quality of sleep.
    • Enhance mental focus for better performance on jobs; help students  stay concentrated during exams, reduce anxiety and knuckle down when studying. 
    • Help to keep people fresh during long distance or frequent driving. 
    • Protect from electromagnetic waves coming from desktop, laptop, phone, electrical appliances and other communication devices. 
    •  For athletes like golfers: it can enhance the body physical strength, leading to a more efficient performance.  


    Would you like to improve your concentration levels, overall balance, endurance, resistance and discover a restful night’s sleep, all the while reducing your stress levels?

    Give your body a boost! While still being stylish….. Treat yourself to a burst of daily, all-natural wellness !


    ● Pollution, technologically advanced devices and smartphones are a part of everyone’s lives. The positive ions that are produced by these elements are all around us and are constantly being absorbed into our bodies, directly impacting our cellular balance. It is said that this can throw our natural balance off! There are many consequences that can result from this: general fatigue, muscular pain, a lack of concentration, restless nights...


    ● Negative Ions are proven to inverse the effect of positive ions. These negative ions are naturally present in nature but have been unfortunately depleted, especially in more urban settings.


    ● The ions are electrically charged particles that attach themselves to molecules and atoms that are everywhere in our environment, be it in the air, the water, the food, the clothes we wear or even inside our own bodies.


    ● Years of study have managed to prove that ions play a crucial role in our overall health, our behaviour and our emotions. In the end, the studies showed that negatively charged ions had a positive effect on overall wellness, contrary to the positively charged ions. Negative ions can be produced by boiling water, for example. This is why your mood tends to change when you are near the sea, or a waterfall. Positive ions, on the other hand, are produced by electrical charges, storms, electronic devices, air conditioning and pollution, which promotes a level of stress on our bodies and our emotions. This results in a term we all know, a bad mood.


    ● A burst of negative ions help us to reduce the deficit that has naturally built up in all of use from being surrounded by so many positive ions. They improve our general health and behaviour by controlling your level of energy, your mood and your ability to concentrate.



    The Ion Balance Watch - Germanium and Tourmaline are put to work to improve your overall wellness by reducing your stress and your pains, as well as improving your sleep patterns. It has a direct impact on your natural balance and it so light that you will quickly forget that you are even wearing it! To get the most out of it, we would recommend that the pendant or bracelet be worn continuously throughout the day.

    Give you body a boost, while still being stylish! Treat yourself to a daily burst of all natural wellness…

  • Men's & Women's watch
    Pedometer fitness tracker
    Type:                  Tourmaline
                                99.99% pure Germanium
                                Silicone Bio
    Ions:                   2500 Ions
    Band Length:    10.43' (26.5mm)
    Band Width:       0.78' (20mm)
    Dial Diameter:   1.42' (36mm)
    Weight:               0.77oz (22g)
    AppOS:               IOS 7 or above

    Oled:                   Resolution 68x48

    Bluetooth:          4.0

    Charging:           5V USB 

    Capacity:            50mAh

    Battery:               LI Battery

    Water Resistance Depth:       
    IP65 (not wear in showers,swimming)
    Comes in a gift box (ideal gift)


    Ionic therapy should not be equated with medicine and should never replace any current medical treatments.

  • • Comes in a gift box (ideal gift).

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